What are you doing here?

I remember gaining admission to Graduate school and the excitement of leaving the shores of Nigeria and entering an Aeroplane for the first time. I remember the feeling and the admiration from friends and family. It was at the send-forth organised by my immediate elder brother that it dawned on me that I was going for studies, this is because I was given a book titled “MBA in a Box”. 

My first day in class was remarkable, I cannot remember the name of the lecturer but I remember asking myself – Ki lo n se nibi? (What are you doing here). Then the burden of outstanding fees creeped in, and at last the much-dreaded winter. I remember nights of walking down Fenchurch street after work as a Christmas Temp, shivering in the cold (with gnashing teeth), water dripping from my eyes and nose. I usually try to convince myself that it is tears from the cold – that I was not crying. 

But along the line I got used to things, my lecturer’s accent became clearer, got a more stable job, made new friends, settled in my local place of worship etc.  

I eventually got two (2) awards and graduated with very good grades. 

This experience ties with an e-learning course I took today. The course was about managing and building a team. It stated that there are four (4) stages of team building – Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. 

Forming is the excitement stage, everyone is enjoying the euphoria of something new 

Storming – you know what that is, when everyone wants to be heard and there are lots of fractions 

Norming – the storms have subsided, people are getting to know the best way to work together 

Performing – here the team is now fully formed and people are working to achieve the same goal 

It dawned on me that these stages were relevant to my Graduate School experience and other aspects of life. You can relate this to academics, career, marriage, projects etc. 

I do not know the stage you are at in your cycle, I want you to know that things will normalise and yield results if you do not give up. 

Stick to it – FORWARD EVER! 

Lanre Oke 


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  1. Always great to read your blog. The stages of team building is very relevant in our lives.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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