No matter how small…

In 2009, I was talking with a friend who was very excited because his Father just got a new job. Out of curiosity I asked for his father’s new salary – funny me “abi” – and he told me. As at then I was relatively new in the Labour Market, and my Salary was higher than his Dad’s salary.   

But they were living in their own house (decent accommodation) with two (2) children in University. 

I got home that day and narrated the gist to my eldest Brother, my brother said “That is the power of Consistency”.  No matter how small, as long as it is consistent – you can achieve a lot. 

I am currently working on a Project with one of my best friends, we have done a lot of work and we are beginning to see Green light. Along the line we discovered that if we really want to build something and make the project a big success, we need a particular skill both of us do not possess. 

Then I remembered I have an old friend whose entirety depicts this particular skill. He has mastered the act, he has paid full attention and he is becoming a force to reckon with in the required line. 

It was no-brainer for us to decide to bring him on board. I hooked him down on social media and we set a meeting for today. 

Today, I stepped into my friend’s office (the specialist) and I saw growth, I saw the power of consistency, I saw the power of a resolute spirit. He is not there yet (Guess no one is there) but he is on the obvious path of becoming. This is a person that has been very passionate about his line of business when it was not popular.  

Someone else might see an SME trying to survive in business but I saw a man that has consistently worked on his dream. 

I went to Business School and I know diversifying is a business strategy but you must have a core competence! 

You must be an Authority in something, you must consistently build a core and a niche. When I think of you, you must be Synonymous to a particular solution. What is that Solution? 

Keep Building, Keep Sowing, Keep Learning, results are ahead – FORWARD EVER!

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‘Lanre Oke 


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