Turbulence does not crash a plane

During the last Christmas holiday, I met a Psychologist – the first   Psychologist I will be meeting. She is very passionate about mental health. We got on really well, and trust me, I asked her lots of questions – You know I can ask questions for Africa.  

One major thing she said that day was Personality Disorders are the most common mental health conditions around us. This involves the way the person thinks about himself and others, this then translates to how he reacts to things and the people around them – this is a story for another day. 

On my way back from work today, I branched at one of my best friend’s office. On entering his office, the atmosphere was obviously tensed because of an unhappy client. I almost turned back but I decided to step in – Guess who the unhappy client was? You got it, the Psychologist. 

In my over 10 years’ experience of dealing with customers and Clients, I have never seen an obviously upset customer that calm and gentle. She made her points clear, she was firm and yet she remained true to her nature. She did not raise her voice. 

After we tried to resolve the issue, I said – in the height of your “anger”, you remained calm. Wait for it… 

She said no matter the situation, no matter how terrible things are, you must train your mind to respond to situations as who you are, not as the situation dictates because “Turbulence does not crash a plane”. 

You have access to google, make your research, Planes do not crash due to turbulence. The last plane that crashed due to turbulence was over 50 years ago and if you dig deeper there will be other factors. Planes are built for turbulence, a pilot is never afraid of turbulence, he only goes above it because of the comfort of the passengers – not to avoid plane crash.  

From a pilot’s perspective it is ordinarily seen as a convenience issue, not a safety issue. When a flight changes altitude in search of smoother conditions, this is by and large in the interest of comfort. The pilots aren’t worried about the wings falling off; they’re trying to keep their customers relaxed and everybody’s coffee where it belongs. 

Source: Ask the Pilot 

Just as the plane is built to handle turbulence, you are built to handle uncertainties. Over 70% plane crashes are due to Pilot’s error or Mechanical fault – these are internal factors. 

You are made to handle disappointments, abuse, failure, difficult people, pressure, rejections …. etc. They will not kill you, you are meant to rise above it like the plane. Take note of the internal factors, your mind – the main thing that makes you, YOU!  

Troubles cannot crash you – FORWARD EVER! 

‘Lanre Oke


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