I cannot sleep…

I was about to sleep yesterday night when I received a call at 11:58pm, the caller dropped before I could reach my phone. I wondered who had the audacity to call me that late, but I knew whoever the caller is, it must be quite important. I checked my phone and discovered the call was from a friend – a younger friend. 

I dialled his number (yes, he is a guy), he picked before the second ring. My friend said – I cannot sleep, I know you pray around this time, please pray for me.  

I knew what he wanted was not just prayers, he wanted to talk, he wanted an assurance. 

A bit of background – my friend was booked for a major medical procedure today. This procedure can determine the course of his life for a couple of months, or even years. He was scared, he was unsure, he was broken. 

We were on the phone for over 15 minutes; I tried to assure him he will be fine, that most times we think of the worst but the worst hardly happens. He felt much better and our call ended. 

Laying on my bed, I reminisced on the call and envied my friend. I asked myself – Do I have someone I can call at 12 midnight to say I cannot sleep?  

Many times as adults especially men, we tend to bottle up many things. We forget we are human, it is okay to be vulnerable, it is okay to cry, above all it is okay to ask for help and maximise the “good people” around us. 

I understand many of us have been hurt in the past and people often say you should trust no one. I think you should not trust everyone but you need to trust someone. You need to have a support system, you need to have someone that can tell you to sit down and you obey. 

If in your circle of friends you do not have someone you can trust, I will advise you change your friends and begin to develop more symbiotic relationships. 

There will surely be some not so good days when you will need an angel that speaks your language. Not to forget, be ready to be that Angel when I call you at 1am to say – I cannot sleep! Image result for black friends hug


Lanre Oke 


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