Ice cream is not ICE CREAM


My family went to a local restaurant in our neighbourhood for lunch after church today – by now you should know I am a foodie. I get lots of inspiration from food – story for another day. 

After the main meal, my daughter asked for ice cream for desert. I took her to the ice-cream section to make her choice. This is where it gets interesting, their ice cream is in 3 sizes – 250ml, 500ml and 1tr.  I asked for the different prices – I always ask – blame my mother.   

I was with two (2) of my colleagues who came visiting from Kenya all through yesterday, we went all around town, one of the places we visited was a premium ice cream bar. Three (3) of my company’s top executives met us at this ice cream bar and we all exchanged plesantries. The cost of a scoop of ice cream (scoop o not cup) is higher than the cost of a litre of ice cream in my local restaurant. 

Ice cream is Ice cream – literally, but in the real sense Ice cream is not ICE CREAM. 


On what level are you playing?  Local, National or International? 

What service or product are you offering?  

Who are your potential customers/clients?  

How are you positioned?  

What is the extra value you are bringing to the table?  

Are you the regular?  

Are you premium?  

What is special about what you offer?  

What is your special touch? 

Remember YOU are a product. Are you positioning yourself for the LOCAL or INTERNATIONAL market? The core might be the same – as Ice cream is Ice cream. But there are some extras that make the two (2) fields different. 

The good news is you can start local but think international. If your mind (thinking) is international, it is a matter of time you will be a player in the international space. There is more to life, more to your work and much more to what is on your inside. 

Related image

You are International – FORWARD EVER.  

Lanre Oke  

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