Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good evening…. these were the first words uttered by the coordinator of a review meeting we had at work yesterday. This is because we had attendees from seven (7) different countries on that particular call. The meeting was a video conference call. 

Despite the fact that we were in the same room (electronic room), listening to the same person and looking at the same screen, we were in different time zones. Some were in the morning, some in the afternoon while some were in the evening.  

We were together, but in different zones. We seemed uniform yet different. 

It will be foolish to have breakfast at 4pm in Nigeria/UK because my friends in California are having breakfast – our time zones are different.

This is exactly how life is, being in the same class does not make us mates. Being on the same flight does not mean ur destination is the same. Studying the same course does not make our dream the same. We all have fingers but different fingerprints.

Then why do we compare ourselves with others? 

Why the unhealthy competition? 

Why the envy? 

Why the strive? 

A pregnant woman should not envy a woman with a child – why? It is a matter of time she will carry her own child. Her time is coming, your time is coming.

We all get into the trap and valley of envy once in a while, but do not wallow there, snap out of it! 

  You are much more – FORWARD EVER. 


‘Lanre Oke 




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  1. Detty says:

    Very well written…. God give us the grace to remain contend with our timing!


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