A portion of Jollof Rice… 


Anything good does not come easy, no matter how small. Delayed gratification is a true test of maturity.  

I once told my wife that life is not fair – how come the sweet and tasty foods are high in calories or high in cholesterol. Why is exercising, push ups, Aerobics not as interesting as watching a movie or football match. 

Life is designed for you to Pay the Price, nothing is free. For the fact that you did not pay does not make it free – someone has paid for it mate. 


I just changed jobs…hurray! My new office is a place I really wanted and I pursued it wholeheartedly. Trust me when I say pursue, four interviews (4), sneaking out of my former office to pick interview calls in the middle of critical projects and not leaving a trace etc. The good news is I got the job and I resumed 1st Monday of this year – 2019. 

My new work environment is very inspiring, beautiful and modern technology driven. They serve us breakfast, Lunch and two (2) snack breaks daily. Foodie like me…I was excited. Day 1, 2, 3….then it dawned on me that if I continue eating at the rate that I was I will add 10kg in no time. 

Today, I started portion control – I walked up to the service point and I said please give me just a portion of Jollof rice and lots of salad. I was proud of myself as I sat to enjoy my meal, the first spoon was so delicious – I felt like going back for more but I restrained myself.  

Little by little, with baby steps, I have traced my path back to portion control, exercising and healthy living. 

I am sharing my vulnerability with you today, because I want you to make that move. Start today, you can mess up tomorrow but ensure you pick up again the day after – Afterall you are not competing with any one.  


Eat that Frog – FORWARD EVER. 


‘Lanre Oke 



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    Hmmm…. Big Thanks!

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