Beyond what you can see…

One of favourite cartoons is Lion King 1 ½ (yes – if you got the Original). The theme is “Beyond what you see”. I can talk about this particular cartoon and the lessons I learnt from morning till Night. The truth is Life and its happenings are beyond what you can see. 

All your encounters are beyond what you see. There is bad in every good, and there is good in every bad. Never look at anything at face value – what are the embedded lessons. What are my takeouts.   

As a Project Management specialist, we have what we call Lessons learnt sessions after every project to capture lessons from every project.   

Your life is a project – perhaps a Programme….better still a Portfolio that comprises of different projects. What are the lessons you are capturing daily.  

That terrible experience might be a gateway to a new initiative or gateway to better things. That job offer with the juicy benefit may not be that good…that car you are about to buy and you feel is a great deal might not exactly be a jackpot. Why not dig deeper and learn more. 

In the same light… the lowly boy hawking “pure water” on the street, your teenage house girl, the office assistant you walk by every day is beyond what you can see. These “regular” people you interact with daily can become anything tomorrow. If you believe your cleaner can become a first lady tomorrow, will you treat her differently? 

You can count the number of seeds in an Apple but you cannot count the number of Apples in an apple seed. That is the power of Potential, that is looking beyond what you see. 


I want you to: 

RELAX – the problem is beyond what you can see, in it are imbedded opportunities 

ACCESS – is there more to this opportunity/offer 

VALUE – the next man has aspiration just like you and can become anything. 


See you at the TOP – Forward Ever! 


‘Lanre Oke 

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