Living Intentionally

Last week I put up these words on my WhatsApp status – Living Intentionally. One of my friends buzzed me and asked “How does one live unintentionally?” 

What a Twist…. see my response below:

whatsapp image 2019-01-14 at 17.20.21 

Let’s pick the points one after the other: 

  1. What will be will not be – What will be, you make it be!  I understand that there are some things we cannot explain, but great fists were not achieved sitting down. The post you are reading took my sitting down to type. I could have been doing a thousand and one other things – but I decided to write. You have been waiting for too long, you need to begin to do more. You can DO much MORE! 
  1. Those dreams need to be fought for:  I thought it is not possible for me not to graduate with a minimum of 2nd Class Upper (2:1) from University, Afterall I was one of the top 15 students in High School in a set of 402 students. I am above an average student – so 2:1 is sure.But guess what – I graduated with  2nd Class Lower (2:2). Why? I didn’t fight. I did not persevere enough. Friend, you need to fight for that dream…you need to take that course….you need to ask out that girl. You need to FIGHT. 
  1. No is not always No – sometimes it means try again:  You need to fight back sometimes, you should not take No for an Answer. There is always a “positive” way, have a possibility mentality and learn to try again. The company I currently work turned me down in July 2018…but I knocked again in November 2018. You guessed right – I got the job. Have you failed before? You might need to TRY AGAIN in 2019. 
  1. You can never be 100% sure.  One of my closest friends will say – Do It Afraid. There will always be fear in your head, but feed the FAITH in your heart. Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen? You know what I have discovered – “the Worst does not happen”. DARE! 
  1. Bid your Comfort Zone goodbye. Comfort zone is that place you have always known, you know the process, you can walk blindfolded, you know what to expect, it is your space. Leaving your comfort zone means taking up new challenges, trying out new things daring new ventures, new initiatives. In 2019 you need to leave your comfort zone and do something bigger than you. STRETCH! 
  1. Be the driver of your life:  This might sound selfish but it us your life. It is not your organisation’s, boss’, Pastor’s or Parents’ – It is your Life! DRIVE  

In summary, I am telling you to DO, FIGHT, TRY AGAIN, DARE, STRETCH & DRIVE. 

See you at the TOP – Forward ever. 



‘Lanre Oke

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