It’s my race

Just me, not competing with you

Better still competing with the ‘me’ on God’s mind

Day by day; Step by Step progressing

Sometimes I Fly

Sometimes I Run

Sometimes I walk

Sometimes I crawl, all in the bid to keep moving

Although I know I’m meant to soar……………


The track is not always s smooth as the olympics

It’s hilly, steep and narrow

Also visibility is not always clear

Often foggy, cloudy and misty

Nevertheless, I keep moving


Though I have reached Milestones

Yes- success and achievements, hmmm So SWEET!

But my race continues


This race is not to the swift

Nor the battle to the strong

Nor riches to the smart,

Nor grace to the intelligent,

But of God who shows mercy


My Unique path

Different from yours, though can intercept

Oh Dear, since you can’t run mine I have to keep moving………

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